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Welcome to the Uncle G’s official blog page. Here you can find relevant and up to date information, trending animal related subjects, health tips, training tricks and so much more for you and your pet.

The goal of this blog is to share and educate pet owners of cats, dogs and beyond about the many different options and opportunities to enhance you and your pets’ lives, together!

Healthy choices for the youngest to the oldest of our furry friends can make all the difference in your pet’s quality of life. Although we would like to remind and clarify that this is only a blog page sharing the most current information available to us, and that you always consult with your veterinary doctors before implementing any of the knowledge from our blog posts.

We aspire to help, entertain and educate on the many diverse and optimal ways of pet care, training and more.



Summertime Tips for your Pup

Summertime is all about spending time outside. And what better way to enjoy the weather than with your pup?

Regular exercise and play-time outside is crucial to a healthy dog’s life. Not only do they benefit from the cardio physically but they get the mental stimulation that they need to be content.

Seems easy enough to get your pet the exercise they need; but what happens when it’s simply too hot outside? We understand your concerns and are here to help! Here are a few tips to get your family pet the time they deserve outside while still keeping them healthy and safe. Continue reading


Wag Worthy Fact: CBD Oil is good for your pets!

You’ve heard about it on Twitter, your friends that have pets won’t stop raving about it and now even advertisements for CBD oil are popping up everywhere; but what does CBD oil really do for pets?
Let’s dig into what CBD oil is, what it treats in animals, when it is applicable to use and finally, the many benefits CBD oil provides! Continue reading