***We are currently not offering grooming, only baths and nail trimming.
Due to Covid-19 and the recent events we are taking extra precautions to keep our staff healthy and safe. We are working with a smaller set of employees therefore we will not be offering any grooming until further notice. We are still open and can still trim nails and give baths in addition to boarding. We will update as we receive more information about ***


A grooming package at Uncle G’s Bed and Biscuit includes:

  •   Haircut
  •   Bath
  •   Nail clipping
  •   Clean pads of feet
  •   Ear hair removal/cleaning
  •   Anal glands cleanse
  •   Sanitary clean
  •   Special Shampoos (no extra charge)



Pricing for dogs varies with the size of the canine:

Shih Tzu, toy poodles, lhasa apso, schnauzers, and other dogs this size: $44

Labrador Retrievers (depending on size): $50 to $80

Cocker Spaniels: $50 to $55

Springers: $50 to $60

Pomeranians: $44

Bichons: $40 to $45

Chows: $45 to $55

Nail Clipping only $12

Pricing for cats varies depending on the service required:

Bath only: $30 to $35

Bath and Shave: $60 to $70

Nail Clipping only $14