Halloween Tips and Tricks for Pet Owners!

Halloween is right around the corner!
This spooktacular time of year is full of trick or treating, creative costumes and plenty of parties.

However, when planning for these festivities it can get so tricky with pets, that it can make you go batty! Here’s our tips and tricks for your pets so all you ghouls can just have fun!


Trick or Treaters and pet safety: When expecting trick or treaters, preparation is key for your pet’s safety. Be sure to keep your dog or cat in a separate room from the front door, since you will be opening it frequently. This prevents your pets from running out the door and becoming overwhelmed by the people and activity occurring.
Keeping them in a separate room will prove to be a much more peaceful environment and they will not be as tempted to see what is going on at the door. It will also prevent anxious dogs from unnecessarily getting startled and acting aggressively out of fear or over-excitement. Try putting on calm music or turn on the tv at a low volume so that they can’t hear the activity coming from trick or treaters. Be sure to have your pet’s collar and tag on and if possible have them chipped. This is in case the do get scared and run for the door.


Candy and a pup’s “witchful” thinking: Pets love to get into our food! It just comes with the territory of being a pet parent. When sorting through your child’s candy or getting ready to set out candy for visitors, be sure that human treats cannot turn into your pet’s next meal! Keep candy, treats and food out of reach and sealed away from animals. If your pet can smell it and see it, they will try to get into it. In the case that your pet does ingest something potentially poisonous, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately.


Fool proof and Ghoul proof Decorations: Jack-o-lanterns lit with real candles, dyed streamers, fake skeletons and more can all look like a chew toy to your pet. They are naturally curious critters and cannot be blamed for that. As a pet parent, it is your duty to be smarter than your pet so that they don’t ingest or destroy decorations and potentially hurt themselves. You can animal-proof your decorations by keeping the lights, wires, lit candles and anything they may want to play with out of reach from your pet. Make sure not to leave things on the floor or hanging where your pet can access it.


Pet Costumes 101: Pet costumes can be very fun if your pet enjoys being dressed up. If they don’t, it can become very stressful and uncomfortable for them. If you aren’t sure if your pet enjoys being dressed up, first try putting a comfy pet-fitted t-shirt on them before Halloween. See how they react, if they are fine with it then you can consider a costume. When considering pet costumes, choose soft materials and be open to modifying the costume for their comfort. If they won’t wear a costume but you really want to dress them up a little, try a festive bandana or collar. However, at the end of the day, if your pet truly does not enjoy wearing pet clothing and/or costumes then it’s best to let them be comfortable and content. The holiday of halloween is already spooky enough, the last thing you need is an unhappy pet!


Planning Parties with a Pet: Some pets do very well in social situations and enjoy the extra company. If this is your case, then stay aware of who is around your pet. Make sure they are not being fed anything you do not okay first.
A quick tip for keeping your dog attentive to you while at a party, is to bring small healthy treats like cut up carrots or trainer treats so that you can administer them to your pet through the night. This will keep your pet attentive to your commands and a healthy snack will make them happy!
Next it is very important to be aware of intoxicated people around your pet, as their decisions may not always be okay with you. You should also be aware of the children around your pet. Kids can be rough with animals without supervision. Some animals aren’t very good with children as well. It is your judgement call and responsibility to provide safety for your pet in these situations.
Also make sure to always have your pet’s collar and tag on, and chipped if possible, during parties so they can be identified if they stray away.
If your pet does not do well in crowded scenarios, then consider leaving them at home in a comfortable setting with someone you trust. It is not worth forcing your pet to attend a party or be out and about during a party in your home if they’re safety and comfort becomes jeopardized.


Thanks for reading!
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