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A Pup-tastic Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are right around the corner.
Uncle G’s Bed and Biscuit is here to help! We have curated a list of our seasonal favorites for dog lovers and their furry friends alike. Stressed about the current pandemic, and social distancing while shopping? No worries! All of these items are for sale on Amazon so you can shop safely and responsibly.
(If you do decide to do some in person shopping, don’t forget your mask!)
Check out our online gifting guide below.

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5 Benefits of Doggy Day Care

Here at Uncle G’s Bed and Biscuit we offer Doggy Day Care. As the premier pet boarding facility in the Brandon area, we take great pride in providing you and your pet with the best care. At Uncle G’s, you will find that we treat your pets like family. Many of our customers utilize our Doggy Day Care for a multitude of reasons. Whether it is long work days, busy schedules, moving, home remodeling or something else, we’re here to help!
Below we’ve highlighted 5 benefits of Doggy Day Care to get you started.

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Separation Anxiety and your dog’s first boarding!

As places begin to reopen, and plans get back on track, you may decide to board your dog.
In that case, we’ve got you covered! At Uncle G’s Bed and Biscuit we are avidly following CDC guidelines to protect our staff and customers to slow the spread.

If it is your first visit in with your pet, boarding can seem a bit intimidating if you have a pet with separation anxiety. Below we have listed several ways to introduce boarding to your pet and to help reduce their anxiety prior to their visit.

We also highly recommend the usage of pet CBD oil. We can provide dosing our “house” pet CBD oil as an extra service or we can administer CBD oil that your bring in for your pet. Ask our front desk for more info. Continue reading below for tips and tricks to be proactive about reducing your pet’s separation anxiety. Continue reading

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Camping Needs for Man’s Best Friend

Going camping this summer and thinking about bringing your pup for the first time?
What an exciting time! Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to bond with your dog and simply enjoy life together. There are a few ways to make camping a tad bit easier for dog owners and we’ve got them covered.
Find out more below!

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You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks!

“You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks.” That old saying; is it true?

The truth is, it is more complex to teach an older dog something new, but it is not impossible!
In fact, it can be very beneficial to keep your four legged friend’s mind sharp.
When it comes to learning a new trick, or altering a pattern or habit in your pets behavior, you are talking about not only learning something new, while simultaneously un-learning an older habit.
The idea behind retraining a dog is that rewards work, and patience works even harder.
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Top 10 Kid-friendly Dog Breeds

Bringing a dog into your family is a very exciting decision! There is so much joy and anticipation when it comes to planning on bringing home a puppy, senior dog or handi-capable dog. Although it can be tempting to bring home the first furry friend you see, it can be helpful to do your research on the type of dog you will be able to care for best.
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