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Top 10 Kid-friendly Dog Breeds

Bringing a dog into your family is a very exciting decision! There is so much joy and anticipation when it comes to planning on bringing home a puppy, senior dog or handi-capable dog. Although it can be tempting to bring home the first furry friend you see, it can be helpful to do your research on the type of dog you will be able to care for best.

Ask yourself and your family questions like: 
How will this dog need to interact with us and possible other pets at home? Do we want a puppy that requires full attention for training? Do we want a senior dog that doesn’t require much exercise but may have medical conditions? Do we prefer a lap dog, medium sized dog or a big dog? Do we make the rewarding yet ambitious choice of bringing home a special needs dog? What energy level are we looking for? What level of training are we ready to provide? What type of health maintenance and grooming are we ready for?
These questions will help you identify the dog for you so that the choice is easy.

Read on to see our top 10 kid friendly breeds for younger families.

Keep in mind that any dog, regardless of breed, that has endured any type of abuse or neglect before adoption will need extra time to acclimate, build trust, and share their personalities. Show them compassion, patience and understand that every dog is different.

10. Golden Retriever- This breed is super friendly with everyone; dogs, kids, strangers, you name it! Golden’s are fairly adaptable to environment. They don’t like being alone and prefer a large space to run around like a yard. These dogs are great for going on hikes with. They require a lot of grooming and are known for shedding. These dogs are super energetic but are also incredibly trainable and great to bond with.

9. Labrador- These water dogs are friendly with new people and extremely affectionate with their family.They are fairly adaptable to their surroundings and do well in hot or cold weather. Although these dogs are known for being huge shedders, they are rather easy to groom. These large dogs are very easy to train and are full of playful energy, great for kids! They love to be outside and in the water.

8. German Shepard- These intelligent dogs prefer to have company and that company is preferred to be human! They love to protect and are great with children. These companions aren’t super friendly to new dogs right away. German Sheppards are also big shedders but are easy to groom. These very large dogs require space for exercise and are also very vocal. Expect plenty of barking! On the other hand, they do great with training and thrive with good communication and commands.

7. Collie- This longhaired breed enjoys being around their family, kids, dogs and anyone they meet on the way. Their overall friendliness compliments their high intelligence. Their loyalty to their owner makes them pretty easy going. They need a fair amount of exercise. These dogs are very adaptable to their surroundings and would do well with travel. They are great with new and young families. They do however, require a fair effort of grooming.

6. French Bull Dog- These chunky monkey lap dogs love to spend all their time with their owner! They require a lot of attention and don’t tolerate changes in temperature that well. They don’t need much exercise at all. Frenchy’s enjoy being extremely playful and do very well with kids! These cute pups are friendly with all and adapt very well to apartment living. With a little training, these are great city life style pets.

5. Boxer- These muscular medium sized dogs will be very protective and love to be around their family. They don’t do well alone and require a lot of exercise and activity. These friendly pups These dogs are great with teenagers and actually do well in apartment living. They do shed a lot and have a tendency to drool, but are very easy to groom.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog- These gentle giants are the biggest lovers. They love to show their affection to their family, strangers and other dogs. They tolerate cold weather extremely well but do not do well in warm weather at all. They prefer a lot of space to run and roam but are rather easy going. They enjoy barking and howling a lot and are very mouthy but training does wonders. They do very well with commands. If you live in a cooler place, your family will love this breed.

3. Beagle- These compact kid friendly dogs are ready to become the clown of the family. Their high energy levels and low attention for training mean they require a lot of attention and work. However, these pups are on the smaller side, are super playful and are extremely intelligent. They tolerate hot weather very well and tolerate cold weather. Beagles would fit best with a playful and dedicated family.

2. Basset Hound- These droopy eyed pups have extra long ears that add to their cuteness and their ability to smell. This laid back family friendly dog loves kids and loves hanging around people. They adapt very well to their surroundings, big or small. The express friendliness and affection unconditionally. This breed is fairly curious, and they love to howl. Their relaxed energy makes them great to take with on family trips too!

1. American Pit Bull Terrier- The Nanny Dog! These incredibly obedient dogs were once used to help bait, and herd bulls and then became farm dogs. They are surprisingly known for their gentleness, affection and obidiance, despite the stigma and abuse the entire breed has endured when they are illegally forced into fighting rings. This breed is extremely adaptable to their surroundings. They are wonderful with small children to teenagers. They are easy to groom and highly playful. Pitbulls share their loving personality with their loyalty and affection. You can always count on a pitbull to share some cuddles with the kids!



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