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10 Fun Facts about the Dachshund Breed

They come in all the most adorable colors and shapes. They’ve got a distinct bark and quite a sassy attitude. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself a Dachshund could be the dog for you but you’d like to know a little more.
Here’s why we love this breed:

1. They are the smallest hound breed for hunting. Dachshunds thrive in this sport and were actually made for it.

2. They were used to hunt badgers! Yep, you read that right. These tiny pups specialize their hunting game to sort out different scents.

3. Speaking of scents, their long ears have to do with this as well. Although the droopy ears provide an aesthetically adorable aspect to their look, they also swoop up new smells for their noses to absorb easier.

4. The dachshund was the first cloned dog in Britain. A contest winner had their 12 year old dachshund cloned. The two pups got along great, despite their difference in age.

5. Speaking of firsts, the dachshund was also the first olympic mascot! This was in the year 1972 and the first mascot’s name was Waldi!

6. The breed has made a comeback after WWI. Because of anti-german propaganda the dogs were referred to has badger dogs, but then were later referred to as liberty pups by the American Kennel Club.

7. This breed comes in many different colors. Light, dark, brindle, red, brown, black, tan, spotted; the list goes on and on.

8. Not to mention, different types of fur! Dachshunds may come in a breed with short smooth fur, long tufts of hair or anything in between.

9. This breed loves to bark. It’s their natural instinct as hunting dogs to alert their owner of danger. Expect a noisy household with dachshunds, but they’ll always be ready to protect you!

10. Lastly, the dachshund’s life span is just like their stature, quite long! These dogs average a life span between 12-16 years. These pups live their lives energetically each and every day!

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