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5 Benefits of Doggy Day Care

Here at Uncle G’s Bed and Biscuit we offer Doggy Day Care. As the premier pet boarding facility in the Brandon area, we take great pride in providing you and your pet with the best care. At Uncle G’s, you will find that we treat your pets like family. Many of our customers utilize our Doggy Day Care for a multitude of reasons. Whether it is long work days, busy schedules, moving, home remodeling or something else, we’re here to help!
Below we’ve highlighted 5 benefits of Doggy Day Care to get you started.

1. Playtime:
If your dog is playful, hyper and full of energy, their temperament will benefit greatly from being able to play throughout the day. Many dogs who have hyperactive tendencies, act out when they experience boredom. To avoid this, pets are given the opportunity to play when they want, while being supervised by our trusted team members. This allows your pet to have a healthy outlet to stay mentally and physically stimulated.

2. Outdoor Access:
Apartment living is great, until you have to deal with working long hours and your pet doesn’t have outdoor access. Doggy Day Care offers your pet the opportunity to go outside on a schedule, to our outdoor dog runs and larger outdoor pen areas a well. This way they never have to wait for potty time or to simply enjoy some sunshine.

3. Socialization:
Socializing your dog at a younger age is beneficial because it will help with their self confidence. Dogs who are socialized tend to play and share together well and we’d love to help your dog achieve that. Another benefit is your dog will find that they are less intimidated by new situations and can allow their personalities to flourish.

4. Grooming and baths available:
While you’re at work, why not pamper your four legged friend a bit? During Doggy Day Care, you can schedule their grooming or bathing appointment as well as getting their nails trimmed. We have a variety of shampoos available. If you have a nervous/hyperactive pet, we have our favorite pet CBD oil available upon request. Ask our front desk for more info.

5. Easy to reserve a spot:
Booking your pet’s next visit is easy. Give us a call, and let us know what day and what time you’ll be dropping your pet off. We will ask for details on your pet during that phone call. It’s as easy as that. We look forward to seeing you for Doggy Day Care!


Thanks for reading along, check out our other blog posts for more pet tips and tricks!
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