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Camping Needs for Man’s Best Friend

Going camping this summer and thinking about bringing your pup for the first time?
What an exciting time! Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to bond with your dog and simply enjoy life together. There are a few ways to make camping a tad bit easier for dog owners and we’ve got them covered.
Find out more below!

1. Collapsable Dog Bowls- These are easy to pack, clean and store. They are also super lightweight for backpacking. Some brands also include a loop and carabiner to attach to backpacks. Also try pre-portioning your dog food in air tight Tupperware to avoid other animals or bugs.

2. LED Collar/ LED Leash- Hook an LED light to their collar for safety reasons at night. Also consider investing in an LED leash to avoid stumbling in the dark when it’s potty time and the sun has gone down.

3. Daytime Leashes for hiking- Finding a leash that is the appropriate length for your dog and you is crucial for hiking. You don’t want them too far ahead, since you are outdoors. But you don’t want them under your feet either. The most highly reviewed leashes were between 3 feet – 6 feet and could hook onto backpack straps, wrap around the owner’s waist or be used traditionally.

4. Portable Cooling Dog Bed- Camping means no A/C. But staying cool doesn’t have to be hard. Check out a cooling bed for your pup to help their camping experience be comfortable too.

5. Life Jackets for dogs- They come in all different sizes and colors. Find one that your pet is comfortable in and keep it on deck if you plan on spending time in the water. Life jackets not only help keep dogs afloat but also can make swimming much less stressful. They will be able to better enjoy this part of camping if they feel safe.

6. Dog Booties– When if comes to traveling the path less taken, sometimes there can be some garbage along the way. Literally. Most parks are pretty good about clean up and protections against littering but you never know. It’s important to protect you pup’s feet from broken glass, sharp objects, etc.

7. Doggy First Aid Kit- Last but not least, first aid is always a great idea. Dogs love to get into anything they can. Pick up things for surface wounds, bug bites and upset stomachs for starters. Be it food, plants, or even other animals, you’ll be able to handle whatever it is that your pup gets into if you have the right tools.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful.
Thanks for reading, check out our other blog posts for more pet tips and tricks.
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