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10 ways to treat your pet this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil your pup a little extra. Your best friend sees you as their whole world. Their love is unwavering and should be appreciated! Check out these tips and tricks below to make this Valentine’s Day something extra special.

1. Toys! The easiest go-to gift on holidays are always new toys. Some great places to check for affordable toys would be Amazon, your local dollar store, Walmart and Target. If you’re looking for something specific, your local pet stores are a great place to check as well. Toys can get a bit pricey, and your dog won’t know how much you spent, nor will they care. Keep that in mind, and you’ll have an easy affordable way to spoil your pup.

2. Take them on an extra long walk. A great way to check for local hikes is to hop on the app All Trails and you can search for nearby dog friendly places. A little extra time outside always made for a happy pup.

3. Take your pup to the doggy beach or local dog park. Here they can run freely and experience being outside in a new way if this isn’t a regular kind of play-date for them. Remember to bring bags to pick up after your pup, some water for them to drink, maybe even treats, and it’ll be a foolproof day of fun!

4. Grab your doggy a “pupaccino” (aka a cup of whip cream) when you grab your morning coffee. Starbucks will give it to you for free, Mc Donalds and Dunkin Donuts charge a small fee from 25-50 cents. Quick, easy, cheap and your dog will feel so spoiled!

5. Treats are always a fun option! You can bake homemade dog cookies or pick up your favorite brand for your pup. Extra ingredients like pumpkin, boiled chicken, apples, raw green beans and carrots are also healthy treats that you can use to spruce up their Valentine’s Day dinner too.

6. Spoil your dog with an extra long bath, brush their coat out and give them a little massage. Dogs deal with tension and stiff muscles just like humans. Help them relax and feel better with a mini-spa day. The extra attention will make them feel loved and you’ll have a clean happy pup!

7. CBD oils and treats are also another way to make this day special for your dog. Local pet stores carry varieties of CBD treats and sometimes the oils as well. You can also check online or reference our blog post on CBD oil for dogs here Top 4 CBD oil Picks for Pets for more info before you buy.

8. Does your dog like to dress up? Perfect! You can always snag them a heart themed collar, leash or bandana. Doggy t-shits and other apparel made specifically for their bodies, size and comfort come themed for this lovable holiday as well. When taking your pup out and about for a walk or a drive, they’ll be sure to receive extra love and attention from anyone who sees their festive new threads.

9. Donate to a local animal shelter. Feeling like your dog already has more than enough toys, blankets and treats? Share that love with your local animal shelter and donate some older items that are still in good shape. The shelters always need any help they can get, and now you have more space in your home to bring in new items for you pup this Valentine’s Day too!

10. Make sure your pup is cared for if you will be traveling or have set plans for Valentine’s Day. Your pet is always spoiled when they stay at Uncle G’s Bed and Biscuit. We have doggy day care options as well as extended stay options. When your pup stays 6 nights, they get 1 free. They will receive quality care and tons of love at their home away from home.

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