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10 Ways Pet Owners can make the most of Social Distancing

As of recent, Covid-19 has swept across our nation and it is now our duty to take the safest and healthiest precautions. However, we would like to help out with some of the “cabin fever” that comes with self-quarantining. While everyone is at home, you might be finding yourself wondering how you can make the most of this time. If you’re a pet owner, we’ve got some ideas for you!

10 Ways Pet Owners can make the most of Social Distancing:

  1. Go for a walk-
    Sure this is the most obvious way to pass the time, enjoy the outdoors with your pup and keep yourself busy but we had to mention it! Getting outdoors will lift you and your pet’s spirits and also add in some healthy exercise. Give it a shot, you’ve got plenty of time!
  2. Have a photoshoot with your pet-
    Whether you have a family member snap some photos or set your phone camera up with the timer on, it can be a fun way to keep busy. And don’t forget, you’ll have these precious shots to adore or (laugh at) forever!
  3. Learn some new tricks-
    Young and old dogs can learn new tricks! And maybe even cats too, if you’re feeling really determined. With daily practice and a reward system in place, like use of healthy treats, your pet will be well on their way to mental stimulation. This makes for a happy pet, and you can feel good too about being a great pet owner.
  4. Make home-made treats-
    The internet is a great place when it comes to looking up recipes. Dog treat and even cat treat recipes can easily be found and made at home using simple healthy ingredients. Your pet will be excited for a new treat and making them won’t break the bank!
  5. Pamper your pet with a massage-
    Their little muscles get sore too! Especially if you’ll be taking them on more walks and putting them through photoshoots. Simple techniques to treat their muscle or joint soreness can be found on youtube or on blogs similar to this one if you’d like to look up more info.
  6. Make a Tik Tok with your pet-
    There, I said it. Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon with this one and the videos are fantastic. They come out hilarious and adorable. Staying at home and self isolation is important but if you’re able to spread some happiness with a fun pet video, why not?
  7. Try some home grooming-
    Whether its giving your pet a bath, trimming their nails or cleaning their ears, you now have all the time in the world to get it done. Some pets love getting clean and other hate it, so prepare yourself for an adventure. Tip* Some great pet shampoos will include oatmeal, aloe or shea butter.
  8. Grow catnip at home-
    This is an easy one for our cat lovers. Growing catnip from seed at home is easy to start. You may not get leaves for about 12 weeks, but once the catnip flowers you’ll have a great at home supply.
  9. Talk to your pet-
    Everybody does it, whether they’d like to admit it or not. But in reality, talking to your pet is a positive thing. Domesticated animals respond to certain tones and those uplifting tones coming from their human puts them in state of contentment. Also, animals are the best listeners.
  10. Last but not least, cuddle!
    There’s nothing like curling up with your pet and taking a nap. They make the best cuddle buddies and have all the time in the world (just like us!) Take this time during your self-quarantine to appreciate some extra cuddle time with your four legged friend.

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