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Top 4 CBD Oil Picks for Pets!

One of the newest ways to aid dogs with aches, joint pains, emotional anxieties and nausea sensitivities is with CBD oil. Previously Uncle G’s shared the benefits of how and why CBD oil can help improve the quality of life for your dog or cat. To preface this article click here. Now you may be thinking, what brand provide the highest quality and the best bang for your buck? Let’s dig into this wag worthy topic!

CBD oil can get expensive but price doesn’t always guarantee a quality product and neither does a fancy website. It’s important to never sacrifice quality for a deal but we’ve been able to find some very affordable options with top of the line quality. Here we’ve gathered the top 4 choices of CBD oil for pets, including our owner’s pick as well.

Disclosure: Please consult with your veterinarian before administering your pet CBD oil. These are simply suggestions of high quality CBD oils and not medical advice. Uncle G’s is not affiliated or sponsored by any of these brands.

Owner’s Pick:
1. Koi CBD

Diane and Mark Krieger, current owners of Uncle G’s Bed & Biscuit, both swear by Koi CBD. They favor the brand Koi CBD because of the results they’ve witnessed in their own pets. Dogs with anxiety and similar ailments that wreak havoc on their everyday life have become much calmer and able to navigate stressful times like holidays with fireworks and changes in environment. The curating process goes through a Pharma grade facility and utilizes 99% pure CBD oil and 0% THC meaning the consistency of the CBD oil is top of the line.

They offer a CBD oil spray for animal food and pet chew treats as well. The spray is absorbed more directly and immediately than the chews, however both options are available for whatever you and your pet prefer. All products are in house lab tested as well. The soft chews are $30 and the spray is $60. Both are moderately conservative prices for the quality.

Click below to view more information on Koi CBD, dosages and other products.

2. Pure Hemp Botanicals

This brand receives raving reviews online from many past and current users. Their CBD oil is 100% organic. Pure Hemp Botanicals is also 3rd party and in house lab tested. Upon visiting their pet website page, I was directed to a video about a rescue pig that was nursed back to health and supplemented with Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD oil. It is beyond cute! The video is also extremely informational and showcases what this company values: the animals. There are 3 quality options of tinctures ranging from $25 for small sized dogs and cats to $80 for to horses and pigs. 

Click below to view more information on Pure Hemp Botanicals, dosages and other products.
Pure Hemp Botanicals

3. NuLeaf Naturals

The CBD oil curated by NuLeaf Naturals originates in Colorado and is committed to producing the purest quality for consumers. Their process includes a CO2 extraction system that does not use heating or any solvents. This maintains the entire spectrum of the CBD oil in the product. Their plants are grown 100% organically and are 3rd party lab tested. They offer one option of the CBD oil tincture. Due to the commitment to their processing and development, this does reflect in the price. Prices range from $39 to $180.

Click below to view more information on NuLeaf Naturals, dosages and other products.
NuLeaf Naturals

4. Honest Paws

Honest Paws CBD oil is unique because is is one of the few brands that is dedicated to only animal patients. Their focus is solely on providing a product for your pet. Honest Paws has been recognized on daytime television shows and networks such as The Today Show, NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS. They have also been recognized by Forbes, Buzzfeed and Leafly, the educational cannabis resource. All products are lab tested, but the website does not differentiate whether they are in house or 3rd party tested. The website also says they are all natural, soy and GMO free but does not clarify if the products are organic. Despite this, the biggest plus to Honest Paws is their recognition nation wide on results and their fully versatile shopping options. They offer everything from CBD oil infused peanut butter to treats to tinctures. Some examples of prices by Honest Paws include tincture CBD oils ranging from $50 to $90 (unless you select the auto-refill option that gives you a discount.) Also the soft chews for joint health start at $45 and the CBD oil infused peanut butter is $36.

Click below to view more information on Honest Paws, dosages and other products.
Honest Paws

We hope you found this article helpful during your search for the best CBD oil brand for your pet.
When booking your pet’s stay with Uncle G’s, you are able to request that we administer your pet our in house CBD oil for a price set by the owners or you can bring your own CBD oil of choice and we can administer that as well.

Let us know what brand you have chosen for your pet! Thanks for reading.


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