Wag Worthy Fact: CBD Oil is good for your pets!

You’ve heard about it on Twitter, your friends that have pets won’t stop raving about it and now even advertisements for CBD oil are popping up everywhere; but what does CBD oil really do for pets?
Let’s dig into what CBD oil is, what it treats in animals, when it is applicable to use and finally, the many benefits CBD oil provides!
What is CBD oil?
CBD oil is created from high CBD and low THC hemp plants. CBD stands for cannabinoid and naturally occurs in marijuana plants. The most commonly thought of marijuana plants are grown for the purpose of harvesting and drying the flowers. Then consuming them for the effects of the THC, which is essentially what creates a psychoactive effect. However, CBD does not create the same effect. Plants that are grown with a high CBD content and low THC content are utilized in various helpful ways.

What does CBD Oil treat?
For example, CBD oil reduces anxiety and stress while also relieving pain. CBD oil has been utilized on seizure patients and those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Another notable fact about CBD oil is that it is non-psychoactive; or in everyday terms, it doesn’t “get you high.” Therefore, it is totally safe for you animal to consume. As long as it is a high quality CBD oil with no additives, it could truly benefit an animal experiencing anxiety or distress. We recommend going for organic CBD oils and checking with your vet first as well. Some dogs do have allergies, so it is very important to get a CBD oil free from additives and get the OK from your vet so that your furry friend can have a pleasant and positive experience.

When would be an appropriate time to consider using CBD oil with your dog?
Maybe your animal has separation anxiety or is very sensitive to loud noises like thunder. Or maybe your animal gets aggressive or anxious around other people or animals. As pets experience health issues or aging, pain may be a prevalent problem as well. These situations would be ideal to utilize CBD and give your pet the relief they deserve.

Each animal requires its own unique dose. CBD oil is best administered through an eye dropper right into your pets mouth. There are infused treats that could help but have not been proven as affective.

CBD oil can help calm your animal, so that they can live their best life as your best friend. CBD oil is even claimed to aid the fight against cancer in dogs as well. The oil can help with heart health and greatly improve your dog’s appetite.

For the best results, a high quality CBD oil could truly benefit your pet.

You dog will be thanking you with plenty of kisses for their improved quality of life.

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