Holiday Pets: The First Steps and What to Expect

The Holidays have passed and the excitement has mostly faded. But you and your family hav decided to bring a new pet into your home for the holidays. The new family member brings about a lot of changes, and they feel it too! A dog or cat entering an entirely new environment will require patience and clarity. Too many dogs and cats end up in shelters just months after adoption. To successfully create a solid trusting bond with your new pet, check out our list below of tips and what to expect with a new pet.

  1. Be patient.
    A new puppy or kitten will need training and it should begin the day you bring them home. Whether you go to a trainer or use simple commands, make sure that you have a system in place to help them understand what is acceptable and appropriate. While implementing these commands and habits, remember that patience in the most important thing. Getting frustrated with your new pet will only amplify their confusion. Expect that there will be accidents, personal items will get chewed up and your pet will get curious, even when they aren’t supposed to be. Remaining patient and calm in these scenarios will help you to best identify how to better train your pet in the future. Which bring us to the next topic.
  2. Be prepared.
    When bringing home a new pet during the holidays, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of things. However it should be priority to have you home ready for your new pet. Although that indicates that you should have food, toys, a bed/crate, medicines etc. it also means having a feeding schedule that resembles their previous one for a few weeks. Or it could mean taking time to introduce your new pet to children in a calm and positive environment. It means observing their behavior and figuring out what they like and do not like. Being prepared will keep you ahead of the game and keep the stress of a new pet low and the enjoyment high.
  3. Be proactive.
    Patience and preparedness will lead you to having a loving bond with your pet. But being proactive, will improve their quality of life. Who doesn’t want their furry friend to enjoy life? Make sure that vet visits are scheduled regularly. Have your pet chipped and make them a tag to wear with a phone number and address to be returned to if they ever get out. Plan to exercise your pet regularly and feed them quality food. Be aware of medical conditions. Keep items like small toys or plants out of reach from your pet so they aren’t tempted to ingest anything harmful. By being proactive and keeping them healthy, not only will they feel good and safe but so will you.
  4. Be perceptive.
    Bringing home a pet is a major lifestyle change. Make sure that you create the time and space for your animal to feel loved and for you both to feel comfortable. A pet’s life doesn’t last forever but their impact will. And your impact on them, is that you are all they have. They rely on you for survival and love. Understand that your pet will need your care in their elder years and that you are the most important thing to them. Bringing home a pet is a commitment you make for the full duration of their life. If you take the time from day one to foster clear commands, positive reinforcements, regular outlets for play and a healthy lifestyle you and your pet will surely form a wonderful bond.We hope you and your family enjoyed the holiday season and can’t wait to meet your newest additions! Comment and let us know if you brought home any new pets this year. Don’t forget to share this article and like our facebook page.


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