Our grooming team, Terri Pardo and Ginger Bonner, have over 20 years of experience in the pet grooming field.

A grooming package at Uncle G’s Bed and Biscuit includes:

  •   Haircut
  •   Bath
  •   Nail clipping
  •   Clean pads of feet
  •   Ear hair removal/cleaning
  •   Anal glands cleanse
  •   Sanitary clean
  •   Special Shampoos (no extra charge)

Pricing for dogs varies with the size of the canine:

Shih Tzu, toy poodles, lhasa apso, schnauzers, and other dogs this size: $40

Labrador Retrievers (depending on size): $50 to $80

Cocker Spaniels: $50 to $55

Springers: $50 to $60

Pomeranians: $38 to $40

Bichons: $40 to $45

Chows: $45 to $55

Nail Clipping only $12

Pricing for cats varies depending on the service required:

Bath only: $30 to $35

Bath and Shave: $60 to $70

Nail Clipping only $14